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Power Automate: Types of Flow [Chapter – 2.0]

In my previous post I have given very basic intro about Power Automate and today i will cover how many types of flow you can create. Before moving to the types of flow There are two ways to create flow-

  • Start from template
    • Inbuilt templates
    • From visio templates
  • Build your own from blank
    • Automated cloud flow
    • Instant cloud flow
    • Scheduled cloud flow
    • Desktop flow
    • Business process flow


If you are new to flow then it is advised to start with templates so that you can understand how triggers/Actions are used in flow.

Automated Cloud Flow:

An automated cloud flow is the one which runs when a condition (or trigger, in Power Automate language) is met. Then the flow will run through all steps until it is complete. You need to include all required actions after trigger. See below Automated cloud flow triggers-

Flow Intro

Instant Cloud Flow:

Instant cloud flows are those flow which triggered manually by user. Instant flows are helpful when you need that flow should be run by end user either manually or actions performed by end user though a button. See below trigger options for instant cloud flow-

FLow Intro-Instant Flow

Scheduled Cloud Flow:

Scheduled cloud flows are those which runs repeatedly on a defined time & frequency. These flow runs on scheduled basis. Examples of schedules cloud flow- Reminder flow, Daily reports flow etc. See below scheduled cloud flow settings-

FLow Intro-Scheduled Flow

Desktop Flow:

Desktop flow extends the capacities of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) in Power Automate. You need to download app and install it then you will be able to design your Desktop flow. By using Desktop flow you can extract information from a site and store information in excel sheet. It is very useful for home users, small businesses, enterprises or larger companies.

FLow Intro-Desktop Flow

Business Process Flow:

In Business Process Flow We define a set of stages and steps for people to follow to take them to a desired outcome. These steps tell people where they are in the business process or not. Business process flows reduce the need for training for new user.

FLow Intro-Business Process Flow


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