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How to get attachments from SharePoint list and then send in email via Flow?

In Power Automate Community, I have seen lots of user face issue with getting attachments from SharePoint list via flow. Today i will explain how you can retrieve multiple attachments from SharePoint list and then send those attachments in email via flow.

So i have one SharePoint list- Holiday List where user needs to upload travel documents for booking. Here i am attaching dummy documents like passport & Visa. Once i save documents in list then my flow will trigger and send documents as attachment in email.

One important step in this process is you need to create attachment array where you need to add display name & attachment content.


Now i want to retrieve these two attachments from SharePoint List and then send it over email. For this we will design our flow.


  • Create your Automated flow with Trigger-When an item is created and select your SharePoint site & list as shown below-


  • Now use Action- Get attachments to get all attachments from list row item. here you need to select site address, list name & ID from previous step as shown below-


  • To store your attachments we will initialize one array variable as show below-


  • Now we will store all attachment contents  through Get attachment content and Append to array variable action as show below-


  • In last step we will use Send email action where we will pass array var in attachment section as below- (You need to toggle attachments in array format as pointed in orange box)


Here is complete flow steps-


Email Output– Here you can see two attachments in our email.


Thank you

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