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How to store MS Forms multiple choice to SharePoint List?

In Microsoft Power Automate Community, i have seen lots of post regarding “How to save MS Forms multiple choices to SharePoint List?”. Problem with Multiple choices is that it gives you output in array format like [“Paris”,”Berlin”,”Milan”]. We can store this output in our SharePoint List but it is not a clean output for look and feel. Today i will show step by step process to store ms form multiple choices to SharePoint list via Flow.


  • I have one MS Form- Holiday Survey which will collect travellers preferred location for holiday.

MS Form

  • I have one SharePoint List- Holiday List which will store preferred location.



  • To store MS form submitted responses into a SharePoint list we will create one flow with trigger-When a new response is submitted


  • After using trigger we will get details of submitted responses via action- Get response details.


  • Now we will store multiple choices output in a compose action that will give us multiple choice output in an array format.


  • After that we will remove unwanted characters like – “[“, “]” & ” . For this we will use replace function which will replace all unwanted characters from compose output from just above step. i have used following expression to remove unwanted characters.
    replace(replace(replace(replace(outputs(‘Compose-Multiple_choice_responses’),'[‘,”),’]’,”),'”‘,”),’,’,’, ‘)

MS Flow6

  • To store multiple choices we will use SharePoint Create item action that will create submitted responses into SharePoint list.




You can see we have stored multiple choices of MS Form into a SharePoint List in a neat & clean way. There are other ways to store responses but those process use lots of Flow actions and variables.

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