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Power Automate : Reminder

Creating a reminder flow/ Scheduled Flow is a basic use of Power Automate. Reminder itself bind with Date & Time which you need to decide.

In Flow, we have one trigger for reminder- Recurrence. In Recurrence, We need to understand following advance options-

  • Frequency-Frequency is based on time period like seconds, Minutes, Hours etc.
  • Interval- is number of times your flow will send reminder in defined frequency.
  • Time zone- Select your territorial time zone so that flow could triggered on defined time.
  • Start Time-  This is the time when your flow will first trigger. it should be greater than or equal to  current time. it will be in this format-YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ

When your Interval is set to Day & Week then additional fields-On these days, At these hours, At these minutes will appear. Here you can set dedicated days & Time.


So above flow will trigger every two weeks on Monday at 08:00 AM (Indian Time).

Note: If you run your flow on monthly frequency then it will run on the same date each month.

Later we can add the action or actions which your flow can processed as per your requirement.

In my next part, I will cover how to send reminder to a SharePoint Group users.

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