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How to send reminder email to a SharePoint group users?

In my Previous post, I have explained basics of the Reminder flow. Now we will understand how to send reminder for users who are part of a SharePoint group. Advantage of this reminder is that you can easily manage users in your SharePoint group.

Use case-

  • Reminder for specific group of users to provide inputs weekly for example their availability for interview slots.


  • Since this is a reminder flow so my trigger would be ‘Recurrence’ . you can set your interval and frequency for recurrence.
  • We will initialise 3 variables – Group (Type-String), i (Type-Integer) and Users (type-Array).


  • Now we will send one http request to get all users-



Note: To get SharePoint group ID, Click on that group and check URL- /_layouts/15/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=14 (My Group ID is 14).

  • We will Parse this JSON output so that we can collect data in arrays variable- Users.

Note: For Parse JSON sample scheme,run your flow once before adding Parse JSON action. Then copy Send an HTTP request to SharePoint output and then paste that output in your Generate from sample schema (Insert a sample JSON Payload)


  • Now we will append each user email in out String Variable- Group by using concat() function. I am concating this with semicolon so that multiple emails could be separated by semicolon for our email action ‘To’ field.



The purpose of increment variable is to set index for our array.

  • Finally we will use Compose-Email output in our Send Email action.

Complete Flow Design-


This Reminder flow is also become very handy when you want to attach some User manual for your team. For this you need to upload User manual in your SharePoint folder then use Get file content before Send an email(V2) action.

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